Project Funding

Joint Venture Project Funding

We seek alliances with finance professionals (and private corporations) that operate in an ethical manner seeking collateral-based project funding for their clients (or themselves) around the world.

Submission Procedure

Our funding resources require a proper submission protocol that must be followed for a successful and timely funding; we are a cooperative component with our financial associates throughout the process.

To get started we will need a full summary of the proposed project such as an Executive Summary, Business Plan, Financials, etc. Please show in the Executive Summary the amount of funds available to the client for the proposed transaction.

After we receive and review the aforementioned information we will discuss with you the transactional and financial feasibility of the requested funding of the project. Upon the completion of this phase the next steps will be outlined in detail and forwarded to the client. The time frame to funding may be just a matter of a few weeks after the initial phone conference.

Due diligence information including references from our funding resource will be provided to the principals and their legal counsel, on request, at the appropriate time in the process.

If you feel your client's project may fit these parameters and you, or your clients are seriously seeking funding, please submit your project funding request to for our initial funding review.

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Film project funding

Our Film Project Finance Program allows film makers the ability to obtain up to 100% of the film's budget with only a 10% cash requirement from the client or angel/investor. Our associates have many years of "on the ground" film experience and time-tested knowledge in the production and funding of films; and with our structured film funding program we are here to assist the independent film maker receive funds for their film in an expedited manner with reasonable costs and flexible repayment terms.

Program Highlights
  • 100% funding of the film budget
  • 10% minimum down payment required ($1MM minimum)
  • Currently 4.00% fixed interest rate loan with 5 year term
  • Principal and Interest repayment is deferred until film completion
  • Loan/equity participation hybrid program
  • Angel may be provided a preferred rate of return and added to the budget (20%-30%)
  • Non-personal recourse loan
  • Lender fees and other costs are due at closing and may be built into the budget
  • North America, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Puerto Rico filming locations only
  • Over 60 combined years in the entertainment funding field
  • $5MM to $30MM Loan amounts (slates to $70MM)

Please note: The movie must be a financially viable product with a "bondable" producer in place; distribution must be already worked out, along with the usual and customary basic financial movie project criteria. This is not an "automatic” funding, and the finance group qualifies film project candidates based on the quality and viability of movie distribution.

Initial Deposit

The funder offers the following funding mechanism as to how the initial investment is handled.

Trustee Program – 10% of the film's budget, (minimum $1M), is placed into an attorney's trust account (a well-known banking institution) where it remains until full repayment of the loan has been completed. Up until full film budget funding has been completed the client may request that all funds (minus the trustee fee of ½ of 1%) be returned. The client's funds never leave the trustee account; are blocked, and are 100% protected at all times.

Lender Default Clause. Should the lender default on any payments to the client, (either through an agreed upon monthly draw-down schedule, or the agreed upon Single Payment Method) the client's funds in the trust account are returned to the client immediately upon request, and any loan disbursements that have been received by the film maker are forgiven.

Lender’s Terms

The lender’s loan (currently in the annual interest rate range of 4-5%) with the principal and interest deferred during production. The lender’s Note is full-recourse to the film enterprise Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), and its financial receipts only (all receipts, both hard and soft, are administered by Fintage House). This loan is non-recourse to the principals.

Recoupment of principal and interest is 60% of the net proceeds of the film to the lender with 40% of the net proceeds to the film maker until the loan is satisfied. The note may be pre-paid at any time, but interest for the entire year is due for any portion of a year in which the loan is open. If the filmmaker does not pay the loan in full, part or all of the minimum 10% that has been placed into the Trustee's Account may be used to complete the payoff of the Note. If the film generates enough net income to pay the Note in full, the down payment is returned to the filmmaker.

Costs and Fees
  • ½ of 1% Trustee Fee based on the 10% placed into the Trustee's account
  • The lender requires 2% in total loan fees which may be built into the budget.
  • Also add into the budget a 2% Broker Fee for intermediaries.
  • A Due-Diligence fee of $20,000 will be due at funding, and this also may be added to the budget.

There are never any up-front Cost or Fees

Time Frame

A Binding Term Sheet can be issued in a matter of days, and closing will occur shortly thereafter. Film funding may start in 2-4 months if the monthly draw-down method is utilized, or 4-6 months for the Single Payment method. **Funding time frame is based upon a mutually agreed to draw schedule with the film maker prior to closing.

Submission procedure

Our lending partner requires proper submission protocol that must be followed for a successful and timely funding. To get started we will need complete and thorough information about the film project you are seeking funding for.

Items needed for our review:
  • Executive Summary or Full Business Plan
  • Completed script
  • Bond discussion letters
  • Press Kit (if available)
  • P & A budget
  • A seasoned director and talent attached (or at least in "talks")
  • Bondable producer in place

After we receive these items we will review the information and initiate a phone conference with you and your client to discuss the transactional and financial feasibility of the requested funding for the film. We want to ensure that we have a clear understanding of your funding goals including amount and terms desired and the time frame needed for funding.

If after this discussion we feel that it will fit our funder’s guidelines, we will submit a full package to our funding partner. Upon their initial approval we will then initiate a phone conference with you, your client, ourselves and the funder to discuss the program and answer any questions you or the client may have.

Please note: These three items will be needed before any major conversations take place with the funding source.

Proof of Funds
Full budget supporting the request for funding
Month by Month burn schedule

If you feel your client’s film project may fit these parameters, and your client is seriously seeking film funding, submit your film project for our initial funding review.
**Listed are the general guidelines. Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

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