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Global Trade Finance
Mitigate Risk and Enhance Revenue Opportunities

Doing business internationally involves much more than simply transplanting a business model, or shipping a product overseas. Trade – import or export – involves complexities and risks which can challenge the most seasoned executive or the most determined entrepreneur. International business can also be very enriching, and extremely profitable, for those who can seize the opportunities while effectively managing the risks.

Our Trade Finance Specialists are well versed in the local sectors and the related trade flows. Our team's intimate understanding of industry and business needs will translate into optimal financial & risk support for you and your business; and we are committed to complementing core product and service offerings with high-value insight in all aspects of trade finance.

Key Features of Partnering with Trade Finance:
  • Facilitate cross-border sale of goods and services
  • Tailored solutions for companies, including exporters and importers:
    • Working Capital
    • International Receivables and Purchase Order Finance
    • Medium & Long-Term Financing
  • Trusted partner to mitigate risks in international trade
  • Financing based on trade flows, including discounting of export receivables and refinancing
  • Reissuance of Guarantees and Standby Letter of Credits
  • Leverage programs offered through our partner Export Credit Agencies
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Joint Venture Transactional Funding

Program Overview:

An innovative program created by investors and for investors, our Joint Venture Transactional Funding program can assist you and/or your client in meeting your financial objectives.  Our clients typically utilize our program in the following manner:

  • Real Estate Transactions - Choose either our Escrow Deposit Service or Bank Account Proof of Funds, in an effort to satisfy lender escrow conditions, earnest money deposit requirements, and/or combine this program with one of our Real Estate based transactional funding programs.
  • Buy/Sell Transactions - Buying and selling goods or merchandise and you have an end-buyer in place already?  Perfect!  We can assist you in opening a verifiable attorney escrow account in your name to allow you to take possession of the goods or merchandise, and then immediately sell them to the end-buyer to make your profit.

Whether your transaction requires that you have verifiable funds in a “recognizable” banking institution, funds held in escrow, or a combination of multiple service offerings, we can assist you!

Program Benefits

  • NEVER any “back-end” fees.  100% of the profits are yours to keep!
  • No Close, No Pay Policy.  Your funds are never at risk!
  • Renewable Options.  Need more time?  Just renew prior to your original agreement expiring.
  • Speed of Service.  Our typical set-up time is only 72 hours or LESS!
  • We’ll Fund up to 93% of your transaction!  That’s right we want your business, so we will fund up to 93% of your transaction. Bring your down-payment to your closing and let’s make it happen!
  • Use our program for just about anything that you can buy and sell immediately (legally of course!)

Our Procedures

  • CLICK HERE to complete and submit our application and upload any documents pertaining to your funding request (i.e. buy/sell contract, purchase agreement, escrow agreement, etc.)
  • You will receive our automated approval for your transaction, along with the terms and conditions.
  • Forward any required information/documentation pursuant to your approval.
  • We will contact you to make arrangements to close your transaction and issue the necessary contracts governing your transaction.
  • Wire your down-payment funds to the attorney handling your escrow.
  • Let’s Close!
  • Your profit is earned when you sell the goods or merchandise, and are 100% yours to keep!
  • Relax and Repeat
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Mortgage Note Loans and Liquidation

Selling Your Real Estate Note.  How it Works

Do you own one or more real estate notes? Perhaps through a previous seller-financed transaction, an inheritance, or your own investment? You now need cash to deal with one of life’s unexpected turns or to fund new investments. Or, you maybe you have simply reached the point where the risk and effort of owning the notes just is not worth it anymore, and you’re ready to cash out.

Criss-Cross Financial Group evaluates your note based on factors such as, the size of a down payment, interest rate, current balance, and length of amortization. From this information, we will provide you with a quote to buy your note for cash today; and because of our commitment to providing our customers with outstanding customer service, we are uniquely suited to deliver you with a fast closing, directly from our in-house funding source.

If you accept our offer, we will immediately begin funding your note sale. The entire funding process can take 3-4 weeks. To help speed it up, view this checklist to see the list of documents we will need in order to arrange for the purchase of your note. Our team will personally handle your note sale and will be in communication with you every step of the way!

What if I Own a Note, and an Outright Sale of the Note Does Not Make Sense Right Now?

There are specific circumstances in which selling a note does not make sense (or is not an option for you). Sometimes you will not be able to sell your note if the note is “upside down” or does not have a lot of equity. Ever since the Great Recession, most note buyers have limited their risk exposure by only buying notes with a strong margin of equity. The best way to determine whether or not a buyer would be interested in your note is to determine the note’s Loan to Value (LTV) ratio. You can calculate LTV by dividing the current balance of your note by the current value of the property. If you aren’t sure what your property is worth in today’s market, just use your sales price.

House worth $100K | Note for $60K = LTV of 60%

Most note buyers will not entertain a Full note purchase unless the LTV is under 70%. Some will buy more, but that’s usually limited to notes with strong seasoning, good payor credit, and a localized knowledge of the market. For the most part, we will want at least a 30% margin of equity to protect our investors in the event of default and foreclosure. If your note has a high LTV, a Partial note purchase may be your only practical option; however, there are also many times when selling the Full note does not make sense for you either…Let’s say you only want a small amount of cash to pay your tax bill, you wouldn’t want to cash out the whole note for that. Or what if you want to retain part of the income off your note in addition to getting a little cash, only a Partial sale makes that possible.

Is a Partial Sale Right for Me?

There are two major benefits of Partials:

Flexibility.  The first big advantage of partials is flexibility. Because you are selling a portion of your note, you can customize a solution that best meets your needs. Want to Free up a little cash? Minimize your discount? Keep some monthly passive income? Not have to manage the payments? All that is possible through a partial sale of the note. For example, a split payment partial enables you to free up cash and retain a portion of the monthly payment stream.

Make More Money Over Time.  The second main advantage is that partials can make you more money over time. That’s because when you sell your entire note, there is more principal being sold and thus a larger discount. With a partial, you take less of a discount up front and continue to earn interest on the part of the note that you retain, known as the back-end You get the best of both worlds by taking some cash now while letting the rest grow over time.

A quick test to determine if a Partial Note Sale is right for you…

_____ You do not need to cash out your entire note
_____ You like the idea of freeing up cash + keeping some income
_____ You would like to have experienced professionals manage the note for you
_____ You want the smallest discount possible
_____ You like the option to sell more of the note in the future

If you checked 3 or more of the boxes above, there is a good chance that a partial note sale is right for you.  So what are you waiting for…request your free, no obligation quote right now, and see how much cash you can get from your real estate note!

Request your free note quote!

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