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Criss-Cross Financial Group welcomes individuals and firms of all backgrounds who feel that our products and services may be of value to their clients.

Our criterion for affiliation is simple:

1) Display a commitment and willingness.  To comply with our firm requirement no marketing materials of any kind may be disseminated pursuant to our financing programs that have not been approved by CFG beforehand. This applies to websites and any stock email marketing, or other publicly available information. Reason: We work with strictly regulated and licensed U.S. institutions that are subject to the scrutiny of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, and many other government and private regulatory entities. We are not employees of the licensed, major institution that provides lending facilities to our clients. A misleading or false statement about a program can have severe repercussions for both the Affiliate and the various lending programs we participate in. 

2) Have an existing network of potential clients or potential new Affiliates to refer into the CFG affiliate program. Affiliation can be very lucrative for those Affiliates with pre-existing connections suitable for this financial vehicle. However, our services are really not designed for those who wish to create brand new networks with email blasts to purchased lists and so forth. Potential new clients referred to you by our existing clients can be a rich source of new business, and could come from almost any demographic category — from food and wine enthusiasts to yacht owners to real estate developers — but you need to come to us with a pre-existing network, such as a "rolodex" of contacts, or other potential candidates already in place prior to joining us.

Those companies or organizations with an existing sales force will be permitted to receive a full share of fees and may determine how to compensate their agents (in the field) from their fee share if they wish; or they may simply refer their members in a more passive relationship and receive an earnings override for the members they refer to us who refer closed transactions. For organizations, the choice is theirs.

Note that fees are set between 1%-4% by the affiliate agent closest to the client. However, we expect that 3% to be the logical cap, as we do our utmost not to overcharge clients.

3) Have a clean background, or if any issues exist, an explanation and supporting information to validate the explanations. We understand that otherwise well-meaning and innocent individuals can find themselves subject to fines or penalties even for very minor or unintended acts; or for being caught in the tailwind of another individual or company's actions for which you were not responsible; or in youthful indiscretions. Please note, however, that non-disclosure at time of application for any criminal or civil legal issue other than traffic violations will be considered a breach of your Registered Affiliate Agreement and grounds for immediate termination. We will examine any such applicant's background on a case-by-case basis, but attempts to hide inconvenient background information will require dismissal from further work with CFG and its lending institutions, which honors all CFG requests of this type immediately.  In short: CFG seeks individuals with clean professional and personal backgrounds.

CFG offers two ways to receive compensation:

1) By referring new Registered Affiliates to CFG. Those who do this individually, or as an organization, can build large networks from which they will receive 10% of the income received by those agents they bring in. No participation or involvement is required with any transaction, as this is passive income that will be paid in perpetuity for the successful work of their new-agent referrals. Individuals may either be active or passive in developing affiliates for CFG. Either option is acceptable.

2) By directly referring new clients for CFG's programs.  Registered Affiliates who opt for this route will receive 1/3 of all fees on every transaction they close at the outset.  For example, on a $500,000 credit-line with 3% in fees, the total fees will be $15,000. The new Registered Affiliate who sources the client receives 1/3, or $5,000; the Registered Affiliate who found and referred to CFG this successful new Registered Affiliate gets a 10% override of what the new Affiliate makes, or $500, in passive income.

*Agents are de facto contractors of CFG and do not represent the company or CFG's institutional lending partner(s).

We support our Registered Affiliates in three ways: 

1) Education and training. We recommend to every new or prospective Registered Affiliate that they have at least one phone session with a senior consultant at CFG to cover our entire program lines, and to answer any technical questions. These sessions can arm you with the knowledge you need to speak to your prospective clients with greater authority and knowledge before you make the formal referral. After the initial session, CFG will always be ready to assist you with any questions from the field or policy issues via phone or email as you prefer.

2) Marketing Materials.  On our home page in the Affiliates Section you will find a library of links to all of our marketing flyers covering diverse topics and presentations. All of these documents can be customized for any Registered Affiliate by simple providing your name, email address and phone, and making the request to our marketing department (  The text of these flyers has been carefully approved, and you may distribute them accordingly. They will contain your contact information so that clients will respond to you rather than CFG. If you are planning to make a serious push forward with any of our programs, we will also provide you with a Custom, Secure Online Quote Request Gateway Form that will return results to you and to CFG to ensure crediting of your clients easily. (We will credit them anyway, but this can provide another level of assurance).

3) Field Response Support. During business hours and often even after, a CFG senior consultant will always be on hand to respond to any need to close a transaction so that you don't have to. Patch us into your client call, and we'll do the "heavy lifting" if you like. We'll field client questions and requests about any aspect of our programs, before and after the transaction is complete. This level of responsiveness assists our Registered Affiliates so that they will not be left hanging with transaction-killing questions from the field.

Affiliates are not, by regulation, permitted to work directly with the licensed and regulated lending institutions with which we are partnered, nor are they permitted to formally broker our programs. Our Registered Affiliates' role is to introduce and to refer. Only client-owners of the actual accounts and securities may speak with the provider who will manage their account, following CFG's introduction to their advisor and/or lender. We do, however, disclose our partner to our Affiliates once a qualified client has come through the system.

Unlike private lending facilities, you'll sleep better at night knowing your clients are enjoying outstanding service with top-notch professional institutional management in a structure that is as comfortable and familiar to them as their existing brokerage or banking accounts; right down to online access, reports on demand, prepayment without penalty, and the best rates and terms in the industry.

At Criss-Cross Financial Group, you do not represent a loan program, but you represent your clients in a referral—not brokering—capacity, as you are not an employee of the licensed lenders with which we've partnered for our programs. This restricts what you are permitted to say, and that is why anything you say in any public venue by way of outreach or marketing must be pre-approved by CFG. This rule is unwavering; if you cannot abide by it, we will not be able to continue an affiliate relationship with you.

We are paid by our clients and never incentivized in any manner to steer our client to one or another lending program. We put client’s satisfaction first, and we expect that throughout your work with us at CFG you will too!

Technical Requirements: Applicants must accept a criminal background check and be willing to provide a resume and current photo ID via our online application form. We will provide our admission decision promptly (no later than 24 hours) after submission.

Join the Criss-Cross Financial Group team today. You'll sleep better knowing your clients are in good hands!

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