About us

About Us

As a subsidiary of the DEW Professional Association, Criss-Cross Financial Group offers personalized wholesale service in securing equity instruments for specialized uses; and our investment resources provide the flexibility needed to accomplish your client’s financial objectives for a wide variety of commercial applications.  Our private investment partners are able to extend their SWIFT facilities to your entity on a wholesale level, so that you may relay and issue instruments accordingly, as well as having access to large funds for collateral assets.  We assist in providing Structured Trade Finance to traders, brokers and institutions, as an alternative to dealing with the difficulties of conventional banks, enabling our clients to engage in the global arena.

We also provide bridge finance that allows entrepreneurs to increase their business profits and revenues. Businessmen weary of the corporate banking “run-around” will find that alternative finance sources can unleash the full potential of their business.  In our experience, many entrepreneurs think a lot about marketing, product development, and supplier relationships; and they often view the finance end as a necessary evil to be tackled at the end of business negotiations.

In reality, well-planned finance is the cornerstone of well-executed business strategies. Perhaps an assessment of finance possibilities can lead to a different marketing strategy because of finance restrictions. It may save a client’s time and money when they discover that a deal cannot be financed, liberating our affiliates to work on deals that can be done. Or clients may find that the purchase order that they thought they could never go after is easily financed after all, which leads to much more rapid growth.  In our experience, the most successful businessmen are those whose use of cash is the best organized. They use OPM (other people's money) when necessary, keeping their own company cash liquid for the unexpected opportunity.

Criss-Cross Financial Group consults on, and facilitates financing for, growing businesses of all types with a special emphasis on import/export, and the finance of international trade.  When we consult with our clients, we keep the bigger picture in mind, and we help clients to understand how they fit into the finance world, and conversely, how the finance world fits into their business. We treat every client relationship as a finance puzzle to be solved by putting the right pieces in the right places.

To all of you, from all of us at Criss-Cross Financial Group – Thank you for visiting our site and we sincerely wish our clients all the best in their future endeavors!